Project Description

Happy AgeingA Home based APProach to the Years of AGEING

The goal of the project is to counterbalance the limitations due to ageing and implement a system to monitor daily activities and support in everyday life. The main objectives are: to support independent living at home of elderly people, with special attention to those living alone; to match demand of technology by elderly with the current supply of the market; to develop and integrate a customizable system able to fulfill older people needs and expectations. HAPPY AGEING system will be composed of five main modules:

  1. a lifestyle monitoring device able to record main activities taking place in the home and compare them with habits of the monitored subject;
  2. a navigation assistant to support the older user in moving in close environment;
  3. a personal assistant characterized by two main groups of functions:
  4. support in reminding or performing actions,
  5. support in searching for personal objects.

HAPPY AGEING system integrates sensors and technologies available on the market in a whole smart system, able to assure reliability, unobtrusiveness and privacy of the user.


  1. The HAPPY AGEING project: an overview (poster presentation)
  2. Marcellini F, Bulgheroni M, European project «Happy Ageing», ForItAAL, Forum Italiano Ambient Assisted Living, 10-11 settembre 2009, Lecce, Italia

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This project has received funding from the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme.