Instrumented analysis and assessment of physiological parameters is a powerful tool in several fields, from clinical practice to health self-monitoring to sport. The use of wearable and connected sensors offers the chance to translate a data-driven quantitative approach to growing number of fields and applications.

Lab2Go is the innovative platform aimed to perform reliable and high-quality instrumented tests, through the use of a plethora of commercial or custom multi-sensors platforms.

The user-friendly design and the easiness of use characterizing Lab2Go, well fit the need of a ready-to-go data collection hub for home-based self assessment of health conditions, sport performance monitoring on the field as well as for quantitative analysis of standard clinical testing.


Lab2Go is a mobile platform that unifies in a single application the acquisition, storing and analyses of data using a variety of sensors. Lab2Go supports the acquisition of diverse signals, such as motion, temperature, cardiac and respiratory signals from different platforms connected via Bluetooth, to allow the application to user-defined scenarios. The high adaptability of Lab2Go allows the use of both commercially available platforms (e.g. Texas Instruments’ sensor tag, Dialog’s IoT Sensor) as well as proprietary custom devices. Robust data collection and verification operations enable smooth and reliable acquisition process for every setup.

The operator can easily manage the entire system on the field in any time through an easy-to-use mobile application that enables to manage the user database, create new users, manage the multi-sensors platform, add notes to each acquisition and synchronize local data with the cloud.
The collected data are remotely and securely stored on a cloud repository. A web-based dashboard allows the operators to manage the users, visualize raw and processed data in a simple way on every device.