Cognition & Behavior

Investigation of mental processes related to high level brain functions can be as fascinating as complex it can be. Cognition relates to the process of acquiring knowledge and comprehension whereas behavior can be considered the response of an individual or group to a stimulus or, in general, to the environment. These two field are strongly related and encompass a wide and interconnected group of mental functions like language, planning, learning and imagination.

In this area, Ab.Acus research activities deals with the investigation of cognition and behavior processes under two main aspects:
– Analysis of motion and subject interaction with the environment as indicator for cognitive development evaluation and pathological conditions assessment
– Analysis of speech characteristics and language content as parameters for clinical monitoring in neuro-developmental disorders

Ab.Acus interest goes beyond human being as it tries to translate this approach also to animals and plants with a disruptive approach and also thanks to a constant collaboration with academic partners.

Related Products


Movidea: A Software Package for Automatic Video Analysis of Movements in Infants at Risk for Neurodevelopmental Disorders


TrHandy is a solution developed for a research project in the field of Reaching and Grasping study with the goal of studing the evolution of reach and grasp movements in children.


SPROUTS is a custom software developed inside a wide research project in collaboration with academic that aims at studying plants behavior.


SPEAKapp is an internal research project with the aim of exploiting novel Artificial Intelligence branch of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the field of clinical evaluation of neurodevelopmental disorders and cognitive impairment.