Who we are

Ab.Acus’ research is currently investigating digital healthtransparent technologiesself-tracking systemslocalization devices, and simulation and modelization techniques, needed to make multifaceted phenomena understandable by stakeholders and citizens.

Ab.Acus’ experts analyse market dynamics and produce a soundly strategy for proper marketing.

We build our projects on the competencies of a pool of technology, design, and market experts, targeting our research and entrepreneurship activities towards markets facing important challenges and with great innovation potential.

user-centred and participatory design is at the very start of all R&D activities in our company.

We believe that digital technologies are instrumental for helping citizens, industries, and organizations to build viable and sustainable solutions that fulfil the market needs. Our development work is always driven by the need to match the user with the technology and the application.

Ab.Acus’ strong technological competencies include software and hardware systems development, engineering, integration and prototyping, user interfaces design, and machine learning.

multidisciplinary, multicultural, trans-sectoral and inclusive approach to research and innovation is at the core of Ab.Acus’ methodologies. Our long-term experience at the edge of different disciplines enables us to define and set-up effective strategies to facilitate communication and foster collaboration between multi-disciplinary groups. The achievement of these objectives builds on cooperation with leading European partners in the context of international projects.  All the above competencies make our company the ideal partner to translate research results in usable and user-friendly tools to be exploited by professionals, stakeholders and citizens – the indirect final target group of any research activity.