Project Description

TrHandySolution for Video Processing in Reaching and Grasping research

TrHandy is a solution developed for a research project in the field of Reaching and Grasping study in collaboration with Temple University.
The study wants to address the research need of studing the evolution of reach and grasp movements in children.
Reach and grasp movements of the hands, both in natural and laboratory conditions, are recorded on video supports and processed using controlled Computer Vison algorithms via a dedicated software.
The system that Ab.Acus implemented consists of different components: a mobile app for video acquisition, a devoted software for video processing and a dedicated module for features extraction. Each of TrHandy’s component addresses a specific research need: the mobile app enables remote acquisition of videos in home environment keeping a standard recording protocol; the devoted software for video processing is optimized for hand and fingers movement analysis using cutting edge Computer Vision approaches supervised by the research team; features extraction module compute research specific key variables for results analysis.