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Ab.Acus is a research-driven, market-oriented company

We    aim   at    spreading   and    exploiting   ICT   and    engineering-based
methodologies in the  field of  social  sciences,  humanities,  and  medicine.
Ab.Acus strives to meet the citizens’ needs by turning the full potentialities
of   new   technologies  and   existing  know-how   into   new    applications.

qunatifymyperson logo

QuantifyMyPerson is a remote monitoring platform able to manage background acquisition of 24/7 data related to behavioral and physical habits through the analysis of data detected by both smartphone and wearable devices.

The data, acquired daily by the monitoring app, are processed to detect any variation from user’s typical behavior.

Through the Dashboard the clinician can both manage the profiles of patients associated with the study, i.e. their medical history, their visits and their diary notes, and view the data collected by the app through charts and indexes.

silverway logo

SilverWay is the innovative walking navigation app made by Ab.Acus that exploits collective intelligence to tailor elders’ urban experience to specific needs or abilities.

SilverWay is an OSM-based system that integrates the information coming from the smart mobility system of the city into a cloud architecture whose interface with the end user is represented by an Android mobile application. SilverWay has been set up as an innovative solution in the field of sustainable and accessible mobility exploiting Artificial and Collective Intelligence to provide a better urban experience.

The pedestrian routing algorithm allows the choice among 4 profiles – foot, accessible, healthy and impaired – to ensure the most suitable route according to the needs of each user. It recommends suitable paths taking into account roads’ conditions and user’s health status to support autonomous navigation.

rehabme logo

RehabMe is a WIT Exercising system that exploits the RF technology to transform daily life objects into rehabilitation tools, and daily life activities into effective exercises.

RehabMe guides the patient through the execution of tasks mimicking functional activities, automatically detects their correct execution, and computes and stores performance indexes.

This approach is designed to maximize the patients engagement by proposing real life activities, to empower the patient in accomplishing functional tasks, and to tailor the therapy on each patient’s needs and habits.



What future for wearable sensors in clinics?

The paper “Mobile Phone and Wearable Sensor-Based mHealth Approaches for Psychiatric Disorders and Symptoms: Systematic Review” has been recently published by JMIR Mental Health (https://mental.jmir.org/2019/2/e9819/). Ab.Acus was leading its preparation and highly contributing both

Silverway: the new way of walking the city

The increasing spread of ubiquitous computing is contributing in the improvement of the people’s quality of life thanks to the large amount of data made available by the customary use of technological devices as


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  • 01

    Clockwork Consortium Meeting

    All day
    Madrid, Spain
    Madrid, Spain

    Clockwork Consortium Meeting – Plenary meeting for tuning about the current status of activities and establishing next steps in the development of the project.

  • 12

    RETRAINER Consortium meeting

    All day
    Berlin, Germany
    Berlin, Germany

    RETRAINER Consortium meeting – Full meeting for monitoring clinical trials, analysing first results and planning next activities.

  • 13

    RETRAINER Workshop on regulatory affairs

    All day
    Berlin, Germany
    Berlin, Germany

    RETRAINER Workshop on regulatory affairs – Workshop about standards ruling development and market of biomedical devices.

  • 20

    REELER: research protocol seminar and consortium meeting II

    All day
    Copenaghen, Denmark
    Copenaghen, Denmark

    REELER project aims at aligning the roboticists’ visions of a future with robots with empirically-based knowledge of human needs and societal concerns. Based on extensive robotics/SSH-RRI collaboration, REELER will offer proactive steps towards ethical and responsible robots by suggesting radical changes in current robot design procedures.

  • 22

    DIDIY project final conference

    10:00 -17:00
    Milano, MI, Italy
    Milano, MI, Italy

    Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY) H2020 European research project will hold its Final Conference, where the research consortium will present and discuss the main results of its activity.

  • 29

    MoveCare Consortium Meeting

    All day
    Limassol, Cyprus
    Limassol, Cyprus

    MoveCare Consortium Meeting – State of the art of MoveCare project and planning of developments

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