Ab.Acus is a research-driven, market-oriented company. We aim at spreading and exploiting ICT and engineering-based methodologies in the field of social sciences, humanities, and medicine. Ab.Acus strives to meet the citizens' needs by turning the full potentialities of new technologies and existing know-how into new applications.


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    REELER Kick-off Seminar and Consortium Meeting

    All day
    Milano, MI, Italia
    The Reeler Project Partner's are involved in the first Kick-Off Meeting in Milan. Here, the Consortium is taking part at discussions regarding the most actual robotic topics and background State of the Art of the Italian Partners visiting their research laboratories offered outstanding Ab.Acus Partners.
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    MOVECARE Kick-Off Meeting

    All day
    Milano, MI, Italia
    MoveCare develops and field tests an innovative multi-actor platform that supports the independent living of the elder at home by monitoring, assist and promoting activities to counteract decline and social exclusion. MoveCare identifies functional and technical metrics to characterize and evaluate the system by means of improvement in its abilities as described by the Multi-Annual Roadmap. The metrics lead to the definition of an evaluation framework transferrable to other fields.

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