Project Description

SPEAKappRemote Speech Assessment for Clinical and Research Purpouses

SPEAKapp is an innovation and research project with the aim of exploiting novel Artificial Intelligence branch of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the field of clinical evaluation of neurodevelopmental disorders and cognitive impairment. Final aim is the availability of a devoted smartphone app to allow remote assessment of pathological conditions and continuous follow up of realted therapies and interventions.
The idea behid SPEAKapp is that language reflects mental condition. Lot of standard clinical evaluation approaches start from the same assumption and make use of different types of tests that imply the evaluation of patient verbal production.
Another core idea behid SPEAKapp is that novel NLP techniques bring to light new insights on controlled human verbal productions along with smarter pipelines for tests delivery to people.
By now SPEAKapp consist of a smartphone/web application able to deliver tests impling oral production by the user. Data collected are processed by a remote processing module that implements research supported algorithms for features extraction and classification.

Soon available as a turnkey product. Stay tuned!