Project Description

SocialCar – Open social transport network for urban approach

SocialCar is an Intelligent Transport System based on an innovative approach to transport demand management, and more specifically to carpooling in urban and peri-urban areas.

SocialCar’s main objective is developing a new communication network for intelligent mobility, sharing information of car-pooling integrated with existing transport and mobility systems. It will be achieved by means of powerful planning algorithms and integration in a liveable environment of big data related to public transport, carpooling and crowdsourcing in order to provide the final user with a simplified travel experience allowing comparison and choice between multiple options/services. SocialCar will take advantage of Social Media to communicate, share information and provide the best just-in-time notifications to the travellers.

SocialCar will take advantage of the ever growing connectivity of people and objects and the propagation of Internet services, the potential of Future Internet and the availability of GNSS based location and social media to create an integrated mobility service with the potential to sensibly reduce mobility problems of European citizens.


  1. Wright S, Cellina F, Bulgheroni M, Cartolano F, Lucietti L, van Egmonde P, van Wijngaarden L, Public acceptance of SocialCar, a new mobility platform integrating public transport and car-pooling services: insights from a survey in five European cities, Proceedings of the 2018 Transport Research Arena TRA 2018 Conference. 2018.

EU funding logoThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme in the domain of Connectivity and information sharing for intelligent mobility