Project Description

Abram (Analyzing BRain Activity Moving objects)

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Complete amagnetic hardware and software system for the supplying of motor stimula in MRI environment. Abram is a motorised circular table used to administer to a subject lying in MRI machines stimula (objects) to be grasped in three different masked position.

The sequence of stimula is fully customisable. The ABRAM system is fully synchronised with the MRI acquisition and may be synchronised also with other sensorial stimula managed by means of other software packages such as e-prime. The system is usable with any MRI machine providing an external TTL signal synchronous with volumes acquisition.


Frontiers in human neuroscience, 2014 Chiara Begliomini, Teresa De Sanctis, Mattia Marangon, Vincenza Tarantino, Luisa Sartori, Diego Miotto, Raffaella Motta , Roberto Stramare, and UmbertoCastiello. An investigation of the neural circuits underlying reaching and reach-to-grasp movements: from planning to execution.