Maria Bulgheroni

R&D Director | Ab-Acus

Electronic engineer, she has been Ab.Acus’ R&D Director since 2006. Since 1995, she has been in charge of R&D management for research centres, clinical centres, and private companies focusing on healthcare and behavioural monitoring.

Her managerial expertise has been gained through the coordination of international research consortia including funded European projects. Her technical experience includes design and development of innovative solution and software applications.  She is often part of multidisciplinary teams addressing methodological and social issues impacting on both technology development and adoption with the aim of fostering a more user oriented technology implementation.

In Ab.Acus, she coordinates the planning and development of all the R&D activities. She has long term expertise in human robot interaction, rehabilitation engineering and behavioral monitoring. She widely cooperated with the University of Padua, General Psychology Department, supplying design and technological support in neuropsychological research in humans and animals. She developed devoted software packages for motion analysis in extreme conditions such as free motion in foetuses, reaching and grasping in infants and social interactions in monkeys and dolphins. She is author of several scientific publications in the technical and neuropsychological domains. She is also involved in teaching activities in academic and professional environments.