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Self mobility improvement in the elderly  

A healthy lifestyle and an adequate physical activity are mandatory for a better ageing.

A safe walking is a key issue in performing several activities of the daily life ranging from housekeeping to shopping, from stairs climbing to walking the dog.
Daily life is characterised by multiple tasks, asking for our attention on more actions taking place in the same time.
While sweeping the floor we are walking, while looking at a shop window we are walking. Walking becomes a kind of background automatic activity.

SMILING is a devoted training system designed to challenge our brain in improving its capabilities to manage the performing of multiple tasks as the ones in our daily life.
The system consists of a pair of motorised shoes, able to change height and inclination at each step during walking.
The system is designed to be managed directly by the person undergoing training by means of a devoted user unit, worn on the belt during the exercise.

A customised training program allows to walk with the SMILING shoes while performing some "dual tasks" such as speaking, carrying an object, playing with a ball.
Our brain is stimulated to learn, or re-learn, new motor strategies to make safer and effective these daily actions.
The continuous change of positions of the shoes step by step, simulates an uneven ground and makes the exercise more challenging and unique.

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